Generating Passive Income by Teaching What You Know with Greg Rog of LearnUX

Episode #149

Greg Rog (@greg_rog) is one of the few indie hackers I know who's actually managed to build a passive income business. His website, LearnUX.io, makes over $10k per month, yet he spends less than a day each month updating the content and answering questions. His secret? A combination of hard work over a sustained period of time, obsessive focus on making a 10x better product, and embracing no-code tools to support automation despite knowing how to code himself. In this episode, Greg walks me through his story, his successes, and his failures, and we discuss why teaching what you know is an underrated path that anyone can embrace.

Show Notes

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    Fantastic episode, lots of great takeaways.

    Thank you @learnuxio for taking the time to share, much appreciated.

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    Loved this episode, my favourite so far.

    @greg_rog thanks for your honesty. It is good to hear someone challenging (with validity) some of what has become considered the norm (e.g. customer fit vs product fit).

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    Great episode! Nice to hear a fellow countryman 😁

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    what an amazing episode! Love how Greg talks about his ambition to teach, even things he isn't proficient at yet.

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      Thank you 🙌

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      Thanks and good luck with the course 💪