Surviving a Recession as an Indie Hacker with Amy Hoy of Noko and 30x500

Episode #156

Amy Hoy (@amyhoy) didn't merely survive the 2008 recession: she built multiple profitable online businesses that grew to support her and, eventually, to generate over $1M in annual recurring revenue. Amy and I sat down for a casual conversation (which we livestreamed to YouTube) about the looming recession, how Amy made it through the last one, and how founders should be thinking about their businesses going forward.

Show Notes

  • Noko — Amy's time tracking product

  • 30x500 — Amy's academy for learning to build a successful product

  • Stacking the Bricks — Amy's blog full of useful advice for founders

  • @AmyHoy — follow Amy on Twitter

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    Debt is never an answer to anything. Short term debt for the purpose of leveraging or bridging is of course essential; but prospecting debt is never a good idea.

    Rule of thumb is; If you can't raise risk capital your idea is probably not quite as good as you think.

    Need is the mother of invention; Invention is a mother on crack.

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    when I was a consultant I would make my hours up at the end of the month. yep. Should have used noko

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    Good advice. I was wondering about IH traffic @csallen. Glad you mentioned the impact of COVID-19.

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