The Indie Hackers Podcast April 10, 2020

Listening to Users and Growing to $100,000 MRR with Baird Hall of Wavve

Episode #157

Baird Hall's (@BairdHall) first attempt at starting up didn't go so well. When all was said and done, he'd burned through his savings without finding a working business model, and he and his co-founder were forced to sell the business for parts. In other words: they were ready for round 2. In this episode, Baird explains why he can't stop bootstrapping businesses, why it's important to work together with a great team, and how listening to users helped him grow Wavve and Zubtitle to over $100,000/month in total recurring revenue.

Show Notes

  • Wavve — Baird's product for sharing audio on social media

  • Zubtitle — Baird's product for captioning videos

  • @BairdHall — follow Baird on Twitter

  • LoFi Ventures — Baird and co's blog

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