Listening to Users and Growing to $100,000 MRR with Baird Hall of Wavve

Episode #157

Baird Hall's (@BairdHall) first attempt at starting up didn't go so well. When all was said and done, he'd burned through his savings without finding a working business model, and he and his co-founder were forced to sell the business for parts. In other words: they were ready for round 2. In this episode, Baird explains why he can't stop bootstrapping businesses, why it's important to work together with a great team, and how listening to users helped him grow Wavve and Zubtitle to over $100,000/month in total recurring revenue.

Show Notes

  • Wavve — Baird's product for sharing audio on social media

  • Zubtitle — Baird's product for captioning videos

  • @BairdHall — follow Baird on Twitter

  • LoFi Ventures — Baird and co's blog

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    Great podcast.

    Had a question, then boom the podcaster would ask that question, felt like mind reading.

    The guest gave insight into launching a product and not looking to automate cold approaches.
    "take the time to do research and have a reason to reach out to somebody" is my takeaway from this podcast.

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    One of the best episodes ever.
    Because it does really contain a lot of practical advice.

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    Listened to this episode the same as when I posted my question on how much one should cold mail to land clients. Pretty much got my question answered. 😀✌️

    Thanks for the interview!

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    I love love LOVE hearing how successful products (Wavve) were spawned out of working on other products/companies that didn't work out. You put your heart and soul into something trying to make it work, along the way solving various problems on enhancing things; and it turns out some of those problems/solutions you came up with are more valuable then the original idea or original core purpose of your platform.

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    Wavve is a great product that solving an actual problem. I have already shared with many friends.
    Best of luck @BairdHall

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    Baird gave great advice on how to create a good sales process.
    Early on it looks like this for many Indiehackers, send a lot of cold emails and hope to get some sales the hard way. Putting the effort in to research the person you are writing to will make the process both more successful and more interesting.

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    This was a great podcast @BairdHall so much insight!
    Hiring people who are already working on side projects is def a NUGGET.