Communicating During Crisis with Rand Fishkin of SparkToro

Episode #158

Rand Fishkin (@randfish) has been doing something a lot of founders are afraid to do: He's blogging about the coronavirus pandemic directly from his company website, for all his customers to see. And it's working! Not is he providing useful advice for founders and marketers, but he's also setting an example for how others can do this same. In this episode Rand and I sat down to discuss the changing nature of the online conversation around COVID-19, how founders and businesses can communicate effectively and empathetically in this environment, and the most important things to get right when preparing for the looming recession.

Show Notes

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    Just finished Lost and Founder a couple weeks ago. Struck a nerve and very familiar tone plus filled with some great insights ranging from the experiences of being a venture-backed founder to mastering a marketing flywheel.

    Enjoyed this podcast very much. Some excellent insights and food for thought. I'll be listening to this one again for note-taking a few of them for sure.

    @csallen. Weird edit in the last couple minutes.

    Then it loops. They didn't always loop right?

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      Looks like they updated the podcast player, so now it loops! I'll see if there's a way to turn it off. Mind sharing a timestamp for where the editing is weird?

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        after listening to it again I am not so sure it is an edit. at 1:05:46 it sounded like a quick fade-out and jump but now I am not so sure. Probably not. It sounds like Rand just jumped in again. Don't mind me. lol