The Indie Hackers Podcast May 1, 2020

Validating and Building Your Ideas Without Code with Bram Kanstein of No-Code MVP

Episode #160

Bram Kanstein (@bramk) has more experience validating, building, and launching online products than almost anyone, and more success than most. One of his earlier creations, Startup Stash, still retains its title as the most-upvoted Product Hunt submission of all time. Today, Bram spends just as much time teaching others as he does making himself. In this episode, Bram and I talk about the importance of being an early adopter, the best strategies for finding new ideas, and why "mindset" is the first thing he teaches in his new course, No-Code MVP.

Show Notes

  • No-Code MVP - Bram's course for building and validating startup ideas without code

  • @bramk - follow Bram on Twitter

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