The Indie Hackers Podcast May 18, 2020

Building the House You Want to Live In with Steli Efti of Close

Episode #162

We've heard a lot about what it's like to build a company from scratch, but what's life like after you've made it? In this episode, Steli Efti (@Steli) returns to the show for a casual chat about his experience being the CEO of a profitable and growing SaaS business for years. We talk about the importance of "building the house you want to live in," how to guide a company through its awkward teenage years, and how Steli is planning to get through the pandemic and the looming recession.

Show Notes

  • Close — Steli's SaaS business, an all-in-one CRM tool

  • stel[email protected] — email Steli, mention Indie Hackers, and ask for his sales e-book or for his toolkit for selling and finding customers during a crisis

  • @Steli — follow Steli on Twitter

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