The Power of Unbundling Communities with Greg Isenberg

Episode #165

Greg Isenberg (@gregisenberg) has spent years practicing the art and and studying the science behind building hit viral products. Today he's using his skills to build a communities design firm called Late Checkout, based on his theory that the best products come from unbundling parts of much larger communities and social networks. In this episode, Greg and I discuss the work that goes into building viral products, how to use niches to gain an advantage as an indie hacker, and why the massive growth of large platforms like Twitter and Reddit has created a short window of time for great business ideas.

Show Notes

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    thanks! I just went to listen to this on Apple Podcasts and it's not up yet. Will it be?

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    Loved this episode and excited to see what products Late Checkout releases :) Thanks a ton @gregisenberg

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      Hey! Heads up I will be having Greg as a guest on my series, The Digital Campfire Download, this Thursday at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET. If you join live you can ask him questions directly :) Deets here to join https://www.digitalcampfires.co/jointhenext

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    Whats the link of the team he mentioned? Couldn't find anything under mischifious team.

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      Was he referencing this? https://mschf.xyz/ ??