Persisting Through Failures to Find a Winning Trend with Dru Riley of Trends.vc

Episode #173

When Dru Riley (@DruRly) quit his job, he was more than ready for his mini retirement. Little did he know that it would take him over three years to make his first dollar as an indie hacker. In this episode, Dru and I discuss the difficulty of finding an idea with product-market-founder fit, the latest trends in new markets for indie hackers, and how he was able to grow his newsletter Trends.vc from nothing to $20,000/mo in under a year.

Show Notes

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    This is one of the best IH podcasts! It's very applicable to people just getting started or struggling with indiehacking, it's insightful and @dru_riley's story is epic.

    The bit about comfort challenges was interesting to me. I've heard of them several times and spent quite a bit of time thinking about what the optimal explore/exploit ratio is, but had never connected the two ideas before.

    One thing that would be really interesting to see you blog about or interview about is your habit system. You should definitely do a big interview tour... not just to grow your product but because it's great material for the rest of us!

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      Thanks for turning me onto this episode. Probably worth a couple of listens.

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      Thanks for listening. Great feedback

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    I really enjoyed hearing about the struggle as well as the recent success. I listened to it last night and again this morning!

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      Thanks for checking it out Pete

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    @csallen, I bet that podcast that hooked you with a premium 2nd half may have been Hidden Forces.

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    This was super inspiring. Thanks for coming on @dru_riley!

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    Love this @dru_riley 🙏

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    It's just the beginning Dru! Congrats🎉

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    So much awesome information! Trends.vc

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      Thanks Anthony!

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    This!!! Such a great episode.

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      Thanks for listening Nic

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    I've been looking to know more about Dru journey. This podcast is just nice!

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      👊@csallen does a great job

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    Great episode. I love your vibes @dru_riley.

    Just joined the Indie Hackers community and discovered your project. We had a similar idea than yours with my friend : we wanted to create something which would give present and future business opportunities to entrepreneurs and/or companies.

    We never thought about doing it as a paid newsletter but it's something we gonna think about now that we know it can work ! We might test this here in France to see whether or not we can find an interesting niche as well :)

    Thanks for the inspirational moment. And thank you @csallen for Indie Hackers.

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    Hi @dru_riley thanks for sharing, do you have some info on how to get started with MasterMind groups I tried one last year on Mexico City but did not took off? Apreciated!

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    This was an amazing episode. Thanks!

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    @dru_riley @csallen Definitely one of my favorite episodes! I really like how your newsletter is organized.

    I'm considering a couple different newsletter type of businesses to broaden my agency's work beyond working with clients.

    I'm getting tired of having to hire more staff when I get new agency work.