Using A.I. to Become a Superpowered Indie Hacker with Przemek Chojecki of Contentyze

Episode #175

When Przemek Chojecki (@prz_chojecki) had had enough of startup failure, he decided to interview successful founders to see what he could learn from them. But instead of doing it by hand, he built his own "A.I. journalist" to do it for him, and interviewed 1000 founders in under three months. That's just one of the many ways he's found to use cutting-edge A.I. to be more productive as a founder. The best part? Normal indie hackers can do this, too. In this episode, Przemek and I discuss the explosion of accessible A.I. tech, how indie hackers can use it to accomplish more with fewer people, and how Przemek himself is using it to earn thousands of dollars per month.

Show Notes

  • Contentyze – Przemek's platform to turn raw data into marketing content via AI

  • PetaCrunch – Przemek's AI-powered media company

  • @prz_chojecki – follow Przemek on Twitter

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    Where can i see the transcript of this episode?

    1. 0

      I'd love to see it too! :)

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    Hi there, very interesting episode. I am wondering if the emails that Przemek sent to his interviewees are considered to be spam? Definition of spam is "unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email".

    I would love to use this type of automation to reach out to potential vendors for my marketplace, but I am worried to be banned/marked as spammer, and also worried about ethics.

    1. 3

      Good question. Spam laws depend on your country, so as far as I know there is no single universal definition. But the content of your email is usually relevant. In particular, you want to be very careful about sending people unsolicited marketing emails, ads, etc. If you're just trying to get people to use your product, I definitely wouldn't do that in bulk via email. However, I'd guess emailing people to ask them personal questions or to interview them is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

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    This was a great conversation. Przemek is an interesting guy.

    I'm a subscriber to Contentyze and getting high-quality articles out of it is a challenge sometimes, but if you think of yourself as a sort of 'AI-Wrangler' it makes more sense. In certain use cases it can be a game changer and save tons of time. I think the future of AI content generation is pretty exciting and Przemek is headed for success.

    1. 1

      Thank you, Contentyze is continuously being developed so the content should be much better with time.

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    Great interview.

    The "Content Generation" Przemek is doing with AI — this technique was called "Article Spinning" 15 years ago. I used to do it withe excel spreadsheets, with keywords from Google AdPlanner. The idea was to quickly output ~ 50 keyword-rich articles at a time by exporting from the spreadsheet.

    I'm eager to try Contentyze.

    PS. if you want "Authors" for all your AI generated articles, look here: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/

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    Awesome episode. Will be trying to employ AI tactics to automate the worst part of my job! Maybe land Przemek a corporate customer 🤞 Also the mention of n8n.io had a lightbulb go off! My teammates just did and intro stream to n8n the other day!


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      Thanks, happy to collaborate! :)

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    Can you post the links of the 2 startups mentioned at the end? I would like to check out their serivces

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      I think one of the company's mentioned is https://n8n.io/

      1. 1

        Yes, n8n, lumen5, I might have also mentioned synthesia.io for "deep fakes"

    2. 2

      I think this is one of them https://lumen5.com/

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    Przemek has an interesting story but I bristle every time I hear as something like the "scrape email addresses, send email, follow up with survey" tool being described as "A.I." - at best its a Bot no?