Mastering the Lifestyle-First Approach to Indie Hacking with Daniel Vassallo

Episode #177

When Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo) quit his job to become an indie hacker, he was making over $500,000 per year. It could have been a disastrous choice. Instead, less than two years later, he's built a suite of products that most founders would envy. In this episode we discuss how Daniel minimizes risk by running multiple projects simultaneously, how he turns time into a friend instead of an enemy by lowering his costs, and how a lifestyle-first business mindset can make you both richer and happier.

Show Notes

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    "I think we give too much value to failure - failure can be very expensive."
    Solid piece of advice. I think it's easy to romanticize failure in order to build this epic underdog story, when in actuality, you just aren't really learning from your own/others people's mistakes.

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    Loved this!

    Daniel has a unique indie-hacking style. No hustling, quite the opposite, he values idleness as a way to explore and identify opportunities and aggressively pursue them. Very inspiring.

    I particularly liked the story of how he got the inspiration for the video-course. A curious mind that finds inspiration in domains where he has little or no expertise. Great story.

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    @dvassallo Have you read "Company of One" by @pjrvs? It looks at business under a holistic "whole-life" lens which is very much inline with your lifestyle-first approach. If you haven't read the book, I recommend it! (there's a audible version too)

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      I did! Fan of Paul :)

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    A great interview! I spoke to Daniel recently and he's one of the most interesting entrepreneurs out there at the moment IMO

    I reviewed his Twitter course if anyone fancies checking it out?