How Courtland Allen Built Indie Hackers, with Ben and David from Acquired

Episode #185

I've been procrastinating sharing my own story on the Indie Hackers podcast for years now. But when Ben and David (the co-hosts of the Acquired podcast) asked if they could interview me, it was impossible to put it off any longer. They're among the best podcast storytellers I know, so before you do anything, search for "Acquired" in your podcast player and subscribe to their excellent show! In this episode, Ben and David walk through my entire startup history, including my early childhood and college years. We talk about the creation of Indie Hackers, how I got it off the ground, and deep dive on the Stripe acquisition. I hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes

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    @csallen is super genuine and such a good story teller. Really loved this interview 🙌

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    I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for @csallen. First building IH which taught me so much, then interviewing @daniellesimpson which lead to our acquisition, then interviewing me which launched my writing career. So great to learn of the humble beginnings. Thank you SO MUCH!

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      Better late than never!

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    Great podcast! Just when you think @csallen has taught you everything he could, he still has more to teach. Thanks man

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    This is one of the best crossover podcast episodes I've heard in a long time.

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    Such a juicy interview, thanks for sharing this!

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    Excellent podcast

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    Yay finally we get the origin story. Big fan of Acquired as well!

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    Amazing interview, one of my favorites!

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    gold by @csallen (as usual)

    one of the best ever episodes and that's no easy feat. Good job Ben&David!

    Thanks for keeping in doing what you do Courtland!

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    The real question is when are you going to drop a saxophone album, @csallen? Loved this episode — thank you for sharing your story!

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    👍 Great interview! Just the other day I listened to you and Rob on the startup for the rest of us podcast as well.

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    how to bookmark this page ?

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    Great episode! Really loved listening to it this morning.

    Would have been great to hear some numbers as well though.

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    Love it - thanks for sharing @csallen

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    I've been wanting to hear a bit more about this 😉

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    I'm listening to it now. The conversation is very encouraging with straight forward insight to get started and keep going without sacrificing too much.

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    This is great! looking forward to hearing this!

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    Sweeeet I've been wanting to hear this full story