Indie Hacker Ideas for Bundling (and Unbundling!) with Tyler King of Less Annoying CRM

Episode #186

Tyler King (@TylerMKing) and I discuss how indie hackers can take advantage of the current cycle of bundling and unbundling. What is bundling, anyway? Why does it present an opportunity for new business ideas? How can fledgling founders take part in what seems like a game for big companies? And who's already doing a good job of this?

Show Notes

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    I love this episode because it highlights one of the key challenges for indiehackers marketing B2B products that I think about all the time.

    If a prospective client is an organization beyond a certain size, the bureaucratic barriers stopping that company from adopting your product can quickly become a political nightmare. Forget the price. It's the IT manager that will use the new product as an opportunity to expand his headcount, or the security policy that prohibits offsite tools, legal counsel that wants to argue every clause in your contract, etc, etc. I guess this is why "enterprise sales" is only accessible to the big kids.

    But if you can manage to ride on the coattails of a bundle--like Teams did as part of Microsoft Office--then all that stuff is already in place.

    Surely we can fix this. How can indie hackers band together to become an essential collection of tools that's available in every business, like MS Office? Do we need Steam for business apps?

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    This is an awesome episode.

    The concept of bundling and unbundling is so important.

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    Really liked this episode!

    Could something like what Planning Center is doing be considered bundling on a smaller scale? https://www.planningcenter.com/pricing

    What pros and cons do you see with this model?

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    Been waiting for this episode.

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    Oddly enough I feel like not many people know about the SetApp bundle! It is a $10 a month subscription fee with 100's of apps at your disposal. Some of these apps are around $30 each, so getting the opportunity to try them out and use them are really nice. They are also made by MacPaw, a leader in mac apps such as CleanMyMac, Gemini, and the The Unarchiver. I have been using SetApp for the last year, and have known about them for another 2-3 years.