Building a $38k/Month SaaS Business as a Solo Founder with Jordan O'Connor of Closet Tools

Episode #187

Jordan O'Connor (@jdnoc) is one of the more impressive solo founders I've had on the podcast. Saddled with student loan debt and eager to take care of his growing family, Jordan embarked on a years-long journey to learn as much as he could and help everyone in his path. In this episode, we talk about how he developed the skills to build a $38,000/month SaaS business all on his own, and the importance of understanding that not only can your business help people, but it has to in order to succeed.

Show Notes

  • Closet Tools – Jordan's SaaS for selling more on Poshmark

  • @jdnoc – follow Jordan on Twitter

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    Awesome been waiting for this one!

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      Love the progress you’ve been making!

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    Very insightful episode filled with a lot of actionable gems . I plan to listen to this episode 5 times lol

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      Glad you liked it 👍

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    Great episode!

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    Great episode! Forwarded this to a few friends who use Poshmark too!

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      Thanks, Randall!

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    If other folks wants to make profitable businesses with browser extensions, you might check out my project ExtensionPay which lets you take payments directly in extensions.

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    What a great, inspirational episode.
    I loved every part of it.

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    Excellent episode. This episode mentioned a talk that Jordan gave about developing skills and helping people. Where can I find this talk?


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      It's the "Learning new skills" talk on this page: https://jdnoc.com/talks/

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    It was such an amazing episode to listen, Thanks @jdnoc for sharing so much insights with us.

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    Brilliant good podcast, i just started learning coding Python. Not sure if im starting at the correct step but im enjoying it so far

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    Incredible podcast!! Really look up to Jordan and what he's doing.

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    Guys what course did he take for SEO?

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      It was Marketing Inc. by ViperChill. But it’s not open now.

      I recommend content/courses by Brian Dean at Backlinko.com.

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        Thanks for the reply! I couldn't quite hear the name of the course and was googling "Piper Jill SEO course" looking for it ... lol

        That was such an inspiring and informative interview, thanks for sharing your experience!

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          ViperChill 😉

          Edit - realized I said that above. Ignore.

          Thanks for listening!

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    I actually got into indiehacking when I figured out day-trading isn't right for me. I would end up with less money than I started with, which was demotivating. Instead I focused on building something bit by bit, learning the skills and validating a product. It took a while but the recurring revenue is safer than any dividend/profits i could earn by trading my money (and time spent in analyzing/tracking stocks).

    I'm sure you'll make the right calls, but always keep in mind - in a gold rush sometimes better to sell shovels instead of throwing everything at it for a shot at gold. Maybe you'll build a kick ass tool for algo trading instead of taking on investing per se. But I'm sure you'll be lead to the right path.

    You're an inspiration, thank you for your insights!

    All the best for 2021 Jordan!

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      Yeah I don’t plan on doing any speculative trading at all. That’s basically gambling. It’ll be 100% data driven.

      Thanks for listening!

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    It would be cool to include a quick intro on the company/tool that are being discussed, in the beginning.
    Sometimes i'm 30 minutes in the interview and still have no idea what the product is.

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    Been waiting for this episode

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        So I watched the whole thing after I made that comment. All I have to say is well done. I hope I can become as successful as you one day. You are truly an inspiration both as a family man and a developer.

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          Thanks! I'm sure you can/will be. Stay focused and learn the valuable skills needed.

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    @csallen - Looks like the show notes of this episode are exchanged with the show ntes of the previous episode. Thanks

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