The Indie Hackers Podcast January 14, 2021

Fame, Focus, and Billions of Pageviews with Evan Britton of Famous Birthdays

Episode #188

Evan Britton (@Evan_Britton) runs a massive website focused on digital celebrities called Famous Birthdays. It gets multiple billions of pageviews a year, has dozens of employees, and he bootstrapped it to profitability without raising a dime from investors. They key to Evan's approach is his laser focus. He says no to almost everything, including the most obvious of opportunities. Instead he prefers to "stay in his lane." He'd rather make one thing great than do a mediocre job at 4 or 5 different things. The story of how Evan made Famous Birthdays great is one of fame, focus, ambition, patience, and just a little bit of luck.

Show Notes

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    Such a weirdly successful niche, I've never googled a celebrities birthday (also I've never heard of half those celebrities) but apparently billions of people a year do! Good for Evan for seeing the potential and tackling it. Makes me wonder what other niches out there need something like this.

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    What is the copyright policy for using images of online celebrities? Does Famous Birthdays have to reach out to each one to get permission to use their photo?