Indie Hacking in the Passion Economy with Li Jin of Atelier

Episode #190

When Li Jin (@ljin18) was young, she dreamed of going to school to pursue her passion in the arts. Instead she settled for little old Harvard, because common wisdom said there was no money in the passions. Today, the world has changed. The passion economy is stronger than ever, and Li is its patron saint. People are making millions of dollars on passion economy platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Teachable, TikTok, and Substack. And founders are creating millions of jobs by creating these platforms to empower other people. In this episode, Li and I discuss how she's indie hacking in the passion economy space despite being a venture capitalist; power-law distributions and their role in wealth inequality; and her massive ambition to expand the middle class.

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    'I was really into Harry Potter fan fiction...' NO!!!!!

    When i was younger i thought i'd save money and download a 'free' copy of one of the Harry Potter books. Downloaded, cover art was identical to the real book, and the writing seemed legit. 250ish pages into the book I talked about the book so far with a friend, as I was super surprised the paths 'JK Rowling' took the characters down. He was super confused: 'None of that happened in the book. What are you reading?'....Apparently I was reading a 700 page fan fic novel. I had no idea what fan fic was to that point, and was so embarassed i had wasted so many hours reading this fake book and had not even realized it. :/

    Otherwise, another GREAT interview :)

    I especially liked Courtland's advice to 'start one level lower' and his reasoning. I find myself at my wit's end trying to string together the necessary time i THINK i need to complete my projects because I'm starting at the level i think i am at o i can immediately replace my FT job. Thanks Courtland and Li!

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      If you read that far it was pretty good fanfiction ;)

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    @csallen really looking forward to this episode :)

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    Making my way through all your podcasts. I've almost gone through 100 in the past 2 months. I wish there was more released even more frequently.

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    Is there a timeline on when the transcript will be posted?