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Making a Living From the Paid Newsletter Ecosystem with Yaroslaw Bagriy of Newsletter Crew

Episode #191

When Yaro Bagriy (@yarobagriy) set to learn about paid newsletters, he was disappointed by what he found. So in true indie hacker fashion, he decided to create his own learning resource to teach others like him — Newsletter Crew: a podcast, blog, and community all about the paid newsletter ecosystem. In this episode, Yaro and I discuss some of the most inspiring stories from newsletter creators, Yaro's process for coming up with paid newsletter ideas, and why indie hackers building newsletter software may stand to gain more than anyone else.

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    Thank you @csallen for having me in the podcast. Amazing episode and it was a blast recording with you.

    Hope everyone learned something valuable out of this episode. If anyone had any questions regarding anything that was discussed in the podcast or anything related to newsletters please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]!