How this Indie Hacker Blew Past $10K MRR with Jon Yongfook of Bannerbear

Episode #208

Joining me is an indie hacker whose broetry post about how he hit $10K MRR went viral. I invited him here to walk me through how he got to that milestone and what his new challenges are as he grows his company Bannerbear toward the $1M ARR mark.
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    Hey Great Interview. The 50/50 Dev/Marketing ratio is an awesome piece of advice. I am currently struggling with marketing, not my natural forte.

    Since BannerBear is a product that can help you generate marketing content, did you ever use your product yourself to help market itself?

    I feel that situations where you are able to "eat your own dog food" are important times where you can take advantage of the things you have built, especially when it comes to marketing.

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    Have you thought about turning these into blog posts or using transcripts for better SEO? :)

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      There's usually transcripts. I think they take a little while to come out though.

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        Thank you bro :)

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    Amazing listen. Just finished it. Love how Jon talks about who he scored startup ideas on his google sheets and wish he would've had a passion section.