How an indie hacker is competing with Buffer with Samy Dindane of Hypefury

Episode #221

In this episode I catch up with Samy Dindane (@SamyDindane), the creator of Twitter growth tool Hypefury. I'll ask him how he found his co-founder from an Indie Hackers post, how he grew Hypefury past $20K MRR, and why indie hackers don't have to solve a completely unique problem to be successful.
• Hypefury Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypefury
• Hypefury Podcast: https://hypefury.com/podcast/

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    Hey @csallen, what was the app you were using to see people's best tweets? Also, what was @samy_'s twitter growth community?

    The audio wasn't too clear and I couldn't find it in the show notes :/

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      I was curious too, and I was able to find it!: https://twemex.app by @geoffreylitt

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        Legend. Thank you!

        Just checked it out. Slaps really hard. Seriously thanks! @jkchu. 😀

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    Great episode - he nailed everything