Looking to Partner Up September 26, 2020

0 to 1 Startup Seeking Full Stack Engineer


If you’re at all like us here at tymely, you’re tired of the lack of ethics, not only in the tech world, but in the world of business in general. At tymely our mission is to use tech to create a more equitable future by revolutionizing the way the world does business.

tymely is a 0 to 1 start-up seeking a talented full-stack developer to build, maintain, and grow complex front & back end systems for enterprise. All applicants must have experience working with Java and C++, having skills that place them in the top percentiles of their field. Extensive education in computer sciences or comparable experience building similar systems is a requirement.

tymely is seeking self-driven individuals with a passion for creating something new and transforming business as we know it. Ideal candidates do not require supervision, are high achieving, and possess a desire to change the status quo. Excellent communication skills are key. Expect a fast paced, intense, yet highly rewarding work environment. You will be working alongside a small but committed, hardworking, and unique team. Compensation includes meaningful equity in the company reflective of a partner position. Looking for long-term commitment from someone to not only build, but operate, maintain, and expand systems into the future and hold a leadership role within the organization moving forward. Open mind to potential relocation is an asset (Vancouver, Canada).

Email resume, cover letter, and samples of previous work to Josiah Roche. Thank you in advance to all applicants, please note that only applicants selected for interview will be contacted. Ahead of the second round of interviews, all candidates must be prepared to sign an NDA prior to the release of any company information. All interviews to be held remotely via videoconferencing. Applications must be submitted by October 9, 2020.

Company: The Tymely Tech Corporation
Founder/CEO: Josiah Roche
Email: [email protected]

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