#004 - Cold Emails & Tracking My Sales with these Templates

I queue'd up 11 emails to 6 companies yesterday.

Here's the email I wrote to them.

Check it out.

email example

I added my LinkedIn below my name for proof I'm a real, trustworthy person.

And yep, it's sent from my personal gmail address.

(I mean, I don't even know what I'm calling this thing yet. lol)

I also built a custom example profile for each company. So each person got one attached to their email.

Here's what the profiles look like.

example company profile

Each company takes about 20 minutes from profile build to email send.

I know. That's pretty darn slow.

My bet is that attention to detail will help me land my first customer.

This whole process is all housed in our simple Sales Tracker.

Here's what the tracker looks like:

sales tracker

The tracker has sales stages. Whenever a stage is updated, the relevant date fields auto-update.

For example, say I set Working to 🚧 after sending my first email. The sheet auto-updates the relevant Created Date and Last Updated cells with the current datetime.

Neat, yeah?

This will allow me to see how long a sales cycle is.

And helps me know when to re-engage a customer when it becomes time for an update interview.

Want to use it?

Sure thing.

Here's a template you can copy to your Drive. And here's the YouTube tutorial I used to learn how to auto-update a timestamp based on changes in another cell.

Happy Friday!

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