May 9, 2019

1,000 - 1,800 monthly active users in 30 days

Brad Dunn @jesterhoax

So we've been working on a range of acquisition techniques at OHNO, and they are pretty simple, but when I've been watching our MAU count, I realised it's nearly doubled in 30 days.

Its not converting into paying users as much as we'd like, but the numbers are starting to head in the right direction.


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    I'd love it if you shared more on how you worked on every acquisition channel

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      Like which activities we do per channel?

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        Right, there's never enough content shared regarding the actions taken and the reasoning behind those. (I guess a blog post would help)

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    Love the idea! Everyone gripes about things at work and often that never gets funneled up to those that can change it. This encourages action over stewing in the sea of issues. Also, love the 5 whys!

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    Cool. It's not easy, constant work, but when it works show's us we are on the right track.
    Wrote about something similar today btw :-)

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    What channels of acquisition have worked for OHNO?

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      Outbound sales activities
      LinkedIn marketing
      Organic, on-page SEO through content marketing (not heaps mind you)
      Product Hunt
      Outbound reach on public slack channels

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        Which one has the best ROI for you?

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          Our UTM data isn't super organised, but of our referral data,
          Twitter = 16%
 = 10.42%
          General content marketing = 10%
          email campaigns = 4.17%
          Slack = 4.17%
          LinkedIn = 2%.

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        How much (if anything) have you spent on these outbound activities?

        Also, would you recommend paying for the Betalist, if so what tier?

        Great job!

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          And no, i'd not recommend paying for betalist. I'd say our beta list referral data will vanish in about 30 days. So even though it's 10%, I think it's because it just went live. It's kind of the same with Producthunt. Our first month, that would be have massive too, but now it doesn't even register.

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            Thanks Brad, I was kind of hoping you would say something like that!

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          Spent zero $. I'm a cheap ass. But mostly because I feel the product still has a ways to go before I'd spend money on acquisition. I think were 70% of the way to product market fit, once we get there, we'll probably ramp up the marketing.

          Unless you count my time that is :)

          In essence I break my day into a couple of (free) tasks;

          1st. I write 1 content marketing blog 4 days a week. It takes about 1.5 hours to do. I do it first thing in the morning, 90% on the page, 10% on medium.

          2nd. I do some promotional activity. So I take some content (or something else that's interesting) and promote it on different channels. Be it slack, reddit quora, whatever. The idea is to just get the content out there. Not in a spammy way, but I try find people actually looking for problems that the content was designed to solve.

          3rd. Back links. I try and embed at least 20 back links to our site every day. This is kind of merged with #2, but it's more permanent thing. So even on Indiehackers, If I place a link to OHNO here. That helps drive traffic over the long term. But most back links I place are on things like betalist, producthunt, reddit, quora, or some kind of PR thing.

          4th. General sales activity. This includes just working prospects and leads through our sales pipeline. I use hubspot to track it all.

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            Wow this is actually really helpful for me. I am a bit lost when it comes to marketing but I guess your stance is exactly where I feel I'm at too. I need to get on it big time.

            Do you work on it full time, or do you work a day job too? I work a full time job at the moment while working on Survais in my 'free time'.

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              This is all I do now. So I work on OHNO full time.