1 day after Integrating PayPal into Legendsverse it crossed 100 paid users.

But here's the catch. I already had 94 users on Legendsverse.

Legendsverse was shipped in December 2020. And has grown slowly, and I've been very skeptical about integrating PayPal the entire time. I created a quick integration last Saturday and shipped it yesterday. In less than 24 hours, I've gained 7 new customers.

I didn't want to integrate with PayPal because it has a few drawbacks, but mostly because I was trying to emulate the creators I admire, and they despise PayPal, so I was wary of it.

But that was such a huge mistake. Most of my customers shop on eBay. They're collectors, after all, and they're used to paying with PayPal.

It was so obvious, but I couldn't see it because I was trying to imitate other creators.

Be yourself and consider what's best for your business.

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