March 29, 2019

1 month after launching our productivity tool

Daniel @iiCe89

1 month after launch Our productivity tool has exceeded more than we expected :)

Makepad is designed and created for individuals looking to organise work or side projects in a productivity tool that doesn't cost the earth to use monthly.

Why Makepad
Our app allows you to create multiple projects and within each project organise everything from uploads , bookmarks , kanban boards and more.

Goodbye teams
Since we are aimed at individual users we stripped out team features so you wont be asked via notifications what your working on or find your self caught up in a discussion with others.

Heres a few stats:
Total active: 535
Projects created: 509
Pro users: 7
todo lists: 415
notes : 183
Bookmarks: 322

We have so many more updates coming soon including calendar , kanban todo lists and several more things. Our most recent was adding unsplash option to your dashboard if you prefer photography.

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    I had the same thought as @Chaddeus at first. But I liked the color and feel of it. I am bored with trello so this is a very personal opinion.

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    Nice work.

    Honest question here, what separates MakePad from Trello?

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      Hey apologies for delay Makepad is designed for individuals we have no team features , notifications or daily emails sent to you. Secondly we have tried to keep the paid for tiers as low priced as possible to fit individuals budgets. Lastly we have lots of features not just kanban so we like to think you can be more organised and do more.

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        Great. Just testing you. ;)

        Good luck!