Daily Stand-up November 13, 2020

10 months plan in excel

nakurai codes @nakurai

Yesterday I laid out the 12 months of my sabbatical year. I took 10 aside to build digital stuff. I am glad I am now able to assess where I am at and what's the big picture schedule. I should be done with the technique by Dec. 5th.
This week is all about authentication, so that's what I am about to build today. Yesterday I created the Firebase project and setup my front end, today I must actually log my users in and out.

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    Great work! Planning your life for 12 months is an amazing results and I can imagine it's not easy! And having the visibility on where you want to be gives you a lot more motivation to get onto doing things daily.

    Good luck with auth setup, your 12 months and the entire journey! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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      Thank you! Before making the plan, 12 months sounded like a loooong time, but now not so much anymore. It's another unexpected part of the motivation...

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