Product Development November 20, 2020

10 Practical tips for Indie Hackers

Pierre de Wulf @Daolf

I've built several SAAS and side-projects those last 5 years 🛠

Not all succeed, but I learned a lot 🤓

Today I'm not sharing great life lessons and business tips.

Today I'm sharing ten practical tips that will help you save time and money on your #IndieHackers journey.

Available in the details here with picture and video

1/ Finding a business idea in 1min

2/ Testing your idea in 1min

3/ Checking how much competition there is for your idea in 1 min.

4/ Deploying a webpage in 1min. Actually 30 seconds.

5/ Saving $5k in 1min

6/Knowing what to build next in 1min

7/ Attribution system in 5 minutes.

8/ Getting more users on a call in 5 minutes:

9/ Saving 1 hour a day with Alfred on Mac.

10/ Knowing when to answer on Reddit and HN in 1 minute.

I hope you'll like it

  1. 1

    Thanks Pierre, that's a great list of tips!

    One thing I'd add is to build something you care about for people that you enjoy talking to. It makes things way more fun in the long run :).

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