10 Questions for Teasing Out Market Opportunities

These are my top 10 questions to think about when brainstorming for new business opportunities.

  • What successful companies are resting on their laurels?
  • What products have gone so far up-market that a broad base of customers can no longer afford them?
  • What successful products have critical flaws for a subset of users?
  • What products are people using for a different purpose than originally intended?
  • What popular products are extensible and could be augmented to work even better for a particular niche?
  • What inefficiencies can be solved by borrowing new technology and applying it to an older space?
  • What areas have a bunch of new people looking to join who are willing to spend money to succeed faster?
  • What popular products have been acquired and shut down, leaving a void of demand?
  • What companies have stopped listening to their customers?
  • What companies are unable to keep up with feature demands because of legacy?


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