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10 Reasons to Have a Flexible Refund Policy 💸

I've been selling all kinds of digital products for nearly 10 years and always approve any refund request and offer a 60 refund period.

Here's why.

  1. A refund request creates an opportunity to talk to the customer before they churn.
  2. There's less risk of purchasing the wrong product resulting in a better conversion rate.
  3. A long refund period communicates confidence in your product.
  4. There's just not many customers that ask for a refund.
  5. When a customer forgets to cancel their subscription, refund. We all forget sometimes. It's the perfect moment to show great customer service.
  6. Your brain cycles are better spend working on your product than debating a refund request. Approving a refund results in instant mind space.
  7. If customer requests don't match up with the roadmap, be pro-active and offer a refund. In my experience customers often don't want one but very much appreciate the gesture.
  8. Having a clear path to a refund request reduces the risk of creditcard chargebacks.
  9. Customer very demanding on support? Looks like the product isn't a great match? Take your loss and offer a refund. It's often a win for both parties.
  10. If you make a big deal out of every refund request you risk losing a customer forever. Approve that refund and create goodwill. Instead of badmouthing you, that customer can share a positive experience even though the product wasn't perfect for them.

See refund requests in a positive light. Learn about your customer. Say goodbye with a positive vibe. Don't spend your energy debating, that energy is better spend elsewhere.

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    Yes, I have a similar refund philosophy. I offer free extensions and do occasional refunds past the refund duration.

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