Newsletter Crew July 3, 2020

$100k ARR from a newsletter

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    This is inspiring! Mind sharing a few nuggets on how you made this successful? Or perhaps any tips for newsletterN00bs interested in learning more and creating their own newsletter (eg: list building, community engagement, content types that worked well, conversion tactics, etc..) rock on!

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      I would if it were me. :)

      I would suggest perhaps scrolling down Lenny's Twitter feed. I believe he had built up a fairly big list before he started charging. He's started charging 3 months ago, which make it even more amazing.

      It encouraged me to bite the bullet and dive in with my own, I switched on payments on Sunday, made a little announcement yesterday, am now at 9 subscribers, a majority of them paying 1 year up front.

      My long term goal is to get 1000 subscribers, I don't think I will do that in 3 months, if I can do that within 2 years it would be pretty amazing for me.

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    😲 wowzers. also, this guy needs to move to Ghost so he gets to keep 100%* of his revenue! (*minus the standard Stripe fees)

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    Is it just me, or do I hear hundreds of people running to start their own newsletter? 🤣

    Incredible result.

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    Wow, that is impressive

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