SEO October 28, 2020

100K views Milestone! Thanks to Google 😘😘

Peter Madhavan @petermadhavan

Happy to share we have reached 100K views for our appointment scheduling software this milestone may not have pure impact on our conversion and revenue. But it help with MRR in a way. Our target audience like sales people, sales managers read our content focused on Follow up articles and then spend sometime on our home page. Sign up for our product. Though the conversion is so much smaller, it's ok to get some hundreds of users to focused on our goals. Now next focus is to drive highly converting traffic, have lots of lead magnet for each articles. Inspired from Indie hackers strategies, I'm planning to do podcast and then try some paid ads to see CAC and pay back period.

Some of our top articles driving traffic:

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    Hi Peter,
    congratulations for your big milestone!

    I'm an SEO but I tend to be focusing on leads and sales, as they make more sense to me. Hope you don't mind if I suggest a few actions you can implement:

    • You have the data that is an incredible starting point. Look at the pages that contribute to generate conversions (GA > Behaviour > Site Content > Landing pages) and create some content hub around those theme/topics, these are the ones that can help you with generating leads.

    • Implement some call to actions within the content. These are some of the most successful contents in terms of views but no CTAs. I see you have a banner on the sidebar (Desktop), but not a single CTA within the content. Try add a couple of them and see if you can generate leads from them.

    • Get some authoritative testimonials. Launch a focused #journorequest on Twitter and look for professional that are relevant with your content. This should be helping in increasing the conversion rate.

    Hope it helps,

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      Thank you so much. We are working on the lead magnet for the high traffic articles and also planning to do retargeting campaign for those visit sign up page but didn't signed up. I'll share you our progress

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    Thank you Indie Hackers for supporting me by sharing awesome contents and advice when needed.

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