Beta Testing March 25, 2020

105 Timeless Psychological Patterns To Help Makers Build Stuff That Just Works

Prathamesh Krisang @prakrisang

I am a Filmmaker turned Growth Marketer turned Behavioral Designer.

I started CoPatterns as a side-project in January 2019. It has been evolving ever since with more and more people using this library of psychological patterns to guide their direction. I was aware that huge impact could be created by using insights from Behavioral Science. Especially for makers who wanted to build powerful products, campaigns, courses, content, ads or anything that humans interact with.

The problem was, most of these insights were hidden away in boring research papers or Wikipedia pages. They were written in academic language making it difficult to process and use in my day to day work as a maker of things. My objective was to make this knowledge accessible for myself and for others.

I spent more than a year to research, digest this knowledge. In last 6 months, I converted it into creator-friendly language and started testing with myself and my clients. With impressive results. I have decided to open up this library to anyone who wants to use it for their benefit.

If you would like to help spread this to more people who can benefit, send me a tweet or reply here.

This library will keep evolving & improving. If you want to stay in the loop, I keep updating new insights that I discover through my "Daily Nuggets" Newsletter in a quick 200-300 words to other enthusiasts who want to use behavioral insights in their business.

Here is the site :

Do spread the word. :)

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    This is brilliant! Well done @prakrisang! I'm devouring this! I wasn't on the page for more than 60-seconds before sharing it with my mastermind group.

    Love that you can filter all of them by objective. And now I'm thinking up all sorts of ideas about how you could potentially package this more effectively. lol

    But it's great. In fact, I'll probably be making a bunch of landing page changes today because of what I'm reading.

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      Wow @dustinwstout! Thanks for your kind words! I am excited to know what you do with it. And thank you for sharing it with your mastermind group.

      "And now I'm thinking up all sorts of ideas about how you could potentially package this more effectively." >> I would love to know how. Do you mind shooting me an email with your suggestions at krisang[at] ??

      Or you can simply reply here too.

      Looking Forward.


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        I think you could quite easily add an email gate to this. Require users to give you their email address in order to see the who list.

        Some ideas for monetization:

        1. Offer paid consultations for reviewing people's landing pages for how they can apply the principles.

        2. Create a course that explores every one of these principles in-depth with real-life examples... now, that might take a long time, but that would be one EPIC course.

        3. Start a paid mastermind where the sole purpose is exploring and applying these principles to participants businesses on a weekly basis.

        Those are the 3 things that came to my mind right away. It's a really fascinating topic with potential to make a huge difference in people's marketing.

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          Whow! These were exactly three approaches I was thinking about! I have also developed a framework (still in initial stages) to apply these principles. Thanks a ton man! This helps me validate. I am getting down to work. :D I will keep you posted on the progress.

          Also looking forward to hear how you use these principles.

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            Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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    Looks like there's a lot of value in what you've researched and posted but I think the way you're displaying it (cards) isn't the perfect tool/visualization.
    Maybe it's just me tho....either way I found it interesting and bookmarked a few cards into my own board :)