10K visitors in one day: how I launched a Netflix recommendation app

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    Did you just post on one subreddit? or multiple ones? any recommendations on what works really well?

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    Were you building your 'brand' on PH, Hacker news and reddit previously? What's a good sub reddit for founders?

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      Haha I can't say I really had a brand before yesterday. Now I'm trying to do it with posts like these and Twitter.

      But my main goal is to share an learn. Building an audience might be a nice side-effect

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        That's awesome!

        What's a good sub reddit for founders?

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    Bias to action it is!

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      It's crazy - I tend to plan and analyze any product decision. This time I decided to just do stuff. Even if I get zero traffic, launch.

      In reality, probably a balance between the two is best. But I feel like I need to see a few patterns, so I'm focused on doing.

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