Product Development April 4, 2020

12 consults in 9 days!

Jonathan Oron @JonathanOron

Hi IHers,

I just wanted to tell you about my amazing ride so far.

I joined IH two weeks ago and fell in love with this place!

I have more free time now with all the Corona Craziness (TM?) + cabin fever and thought I'd offer some help to the community from my experience. I posted a couple of "feel free to book me" posts and filled up my calendar with amazing meetings!

So I thought I'd sum up a bit of what I've learned in the past week:

  • People are awesome - they are interesting, appreciative and fun!
  • There are so many industries out there!
  • A lot of recurring patterns are emerging from these calls ( which surprised me since I'm used to very narrow industries, didn't think it was so prevalent across industries) - Thinking of writing a blog + maybe hosting recorded consults for other people to learn from...

So who did I meet?

  • Countries: Moldova, Germany, India, Canada, UK, Pakistan, Norway, USA.
  • Industries: Accelerators, Real Estate, Crowd Funding, eCommerce, No Code, Ed-Tech, Automotive, News Feeds, Co-working, Mentoring, Developer tools, Beauty Products.
  • Topics Covered: Product validation, Product technical complexity, Co-Founder issues (finding one and dealing with them), Go to market strategies, Focus, Feature validation and many more...
  • Gender: ~90% male - c'mon IH, we can do better than that! I'm wondering if this community is predominately male or is this bias from something else?

Thank you community for these awesome meetings! <3


PS Here's my schedule if you'd like to join the fun -

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    I joined IH two weeks ago and fell in love with this place!

    yup. it's quite addictive. i'm glad you're here!

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    Thanks for this post. Just booked a consultation, looking forward to meeting you!

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    It was great talking to you! Need to dive into the email and books recommendations you sent me haha but will respond soon

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      I dropped a LOT of reading material on you, sorry about that! :)
      I can't wait to see what's next on your amazing journey, Waiting (impatiently) for that monthly update you signed me up for!

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    Sounds fun

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    It was great to talk with @JonathanOron . He helped a lot and really dug into our product. 100% recommend!

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      Thanks, @volkandkaya!
      It was awesome meeting you!
      I'm a big fan, you've created something amazing!