July 3, 2020

12 Places to 🛒 Buy & Sell Side-Projects & How Much Should I Charge?💸

Falak Sher @FalakSher

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What are good places to buy and sell websites? by @realnathanlatka

Generate 1000s of REST APIs within seconds (for FREE)

Supported databases are:- MySQL

  • PostgresSQL
  • MSSQL / SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MariaDb
  • Amazon Aurora

How much should I charge? by @jubstuff

There are a lot of factors that go into a good pricing strategy such as your target audience (is it for everyone or it's for very particular users?), the SaaS strategy (is it low-touch or high-touch?), your company costs, etc.
Some strategies I applied in the past are:

  1. Costs based: you calculate how much running your SaaS cost to you (include as many things as possible, but don't go nuts: one of my friends went to consider also tire wear and then decide how much you want your margin to be. Add those numbers up and you'll have your price
  2. Market-based: you check your competitors and see how much they charge. Then try to understand if that price is compatible with your costs.
  3. Value-based: this is the most difficult, but will lead to more earnings. Try to understand how much your audience value your solution and then set your price based on that. For example, if your SaaS helps your clients save two hours per day per person and they have an average of 10 people with an average salary of ~50K$/year, you're helping them save ~10K per month.
    This, of course, means that you have to know your audience deeply and target their most important problem, but that's key to any SaaS :)If you want to go deeper, Stripe Atlas has a great guides section https://stripe.com/en-it/atlas/guides and this one on pricing would be perfect for you https://stripe.com/en-it/atlas/guides/business-of-saas

How To Promote A Podcast At Meetups and Conferences by @supremerumham

Stickers are better than business cards. Someone can put a sticker somewhere and will think about the podcast every time they see the sticker.
If someone puts a sticker for the podcast on their laptop, that is the holy grail for a sticker. Why? People will ask, "what is that sticker for?" The owner of the laptop then has to explain the podcast. That makes the laptop an ad for the podcast.
So a host can hand out stickers at an event. A host should only hand stickers out to people that seem more interested than others and should bring less than 50 stickers to an event. You can make different types of stickers on StickerMule (Make a free account & get $10 off on first order by my link)
Tip: Add elements like word podcast or a microphone to the sticker that make it clear that the sticker is promoting a podcast.

1. We're getting over 168,000 organic visitors - here's how we did it by @dign9439

2. Write for humans not algorithms by @harrydry

3. How to start a SAAS project (2 necessary features) by @tmvst


  • Spreadtech.online - automated content repurposing. Turn your youtube videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs, and blogs into social media posts by @loutromans

  • Notebrook - note-taking app with clean UI, instant sync on all platforms, and powerful search by @candledev

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