1200+ Followers on Twitter 🎉🥳[ My Learnings]

I left my job in April 2020 & took a good 5 months break. Never I imagined that Twitter would change my life.

I went all-in on Twitter in April. I roughly had 300-400 followers back then. Started Interacting with like-minded people to grow.

I made a google sheet of all the like-minded people along with their Twitter profile links so that I can chat with them later, tag them, etc.

I believe that was really important. This helped me to know each other very well.

During this period of 5 months, I was able to:

I pretty much think that more of my success until now is due to Twitter.

Here are my tips for you:

  • Long-form threads work. They are the crux of Twitter
  • Use Images in Tweets. They have a high engagement rate.
  • For increasing your followers, get a bot ( just kidding). Interact with people by adding value.
  • Share your learnings/knowledge publicly.
  • DM people and get to know each other.
  • If possible, have a personal blog. It really helps.
  • Follow smart people ( Full list below)

Follow these tips and you will get a quick headstart.

Now follow these amazing people on Twitter

Can I add myself? ☺️

Follow me here -> https://twitter.com/tejas3732 ( I tweet on SEO, SaaS, Side Projects, Marketing & Growth)

What's Next?

Hope that helped in some way. I want to hear your thoughts. Are you getting traction, success on Twitter?

How is your Twitter journey so far? Let me know in the comments below 👇

  1. 3

    Awesome stuff Tejas, thanks for sharing. I recently purchased a Gumroad course on building an audience via Twitter and it largely follows your advice. It's working for me so far: +42 followers in January! https://twitter.com/simpixelated/status/1356628502271778820

    1. 3

      Great to hear. My best month was May 2020. I tweeted 1319 times, got 10.5k visits and 321 new followers.

      What did I do?

      • Tweet Often
      • Long-form threads ( Tweetstorms)
      • Engaging with other tweets to add value
      1. 2

        Great advice! I'm working on a long-form thread right now that I plan to turn into a blog post and maybe a few other things, following your article.

  2. 2

    Congrats Tejas!

    You've been killing it on Twitter.

    1. 2

      Also, thanks to your great tool- Zlappo :)

  3. 2

    Just curious:

    Why do you recommend having a personal blog if you can create long threads instead?

    You got one more follower.

    1. 3

      Having a personal blog has many benefits:-

      • You can share your learnings/thoughts on a blog in detail.
      • You can attract an audience related to your business.
      • You can acquire email subscribers ( one more step towards omnichannel approach)
      • If you want to explain something in detail, it's difficult via Twitter Threads. Blogs are better for this
      • You can take readers to the desired page from your blog.
      • You establish credibility.
      • Basically, you create a serendipity engine

      Here's a blog post I wrote on the omnichannel approach where you can just repurpose your blog or Twitter thread into many content pieces:- https://tejasrane.co/8-post-with-1-tweet/

    2. 3

      Personal blog has better SEO and easily shared with other social media platforms. having personal blog also adds credibility to the author. I'd recommend having long-form writing on blog and then putting the crux of these articles as twitter threads.

  4. 0

    Hmmm....Never knew that entrepreneurship is now measured in no. of followers and NOT in

    • How many problems you are solving
    • How many paying customer you have
    • How much is your revenue and profit
    • How you create a sustainable business
    • How you create a brand

    Pls DON'T fool youself.

    1. 3

      I understand what you are trying to say, however, followers are part of the marketing effort. Social networking is part of entrepreneurship but not the goal of course. I think Tejas is trying to explain why his product was more successful than expected. If you can't buy an influencer, be the influencer.

    2. 2

      I never said entrepreneurship is now measured in no. of followers. But having a high number of followers is certainly an important KPI for the Growth of your product.


      More number of followers means:-

      • More people seeing your tweet
      • More exposure to your product/business
      • More people clicking on your links that take to your website
      • You establish credibility ( as you cant trick twitter). If you have many followers, that means there is something unique about you that people want to know about. This makes a very good proposition for brand building.

      Of course, Entrepreneurship is measured by MRR, Growth, Sustainability, etc. I don't deny that ever.

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