April 29, 2019

14 product pitfalls (especially for software developers)

Chris H @cdharris

Howdy fellow creators! After an exponentially intense year of work to ship my product, I'm now in re-calibration mode. As part of my reflection time I've tried to extricate and explicate my mistakes and lessons learned so I don't make them again.

I've compiled them here if anyone is interested:

Feel free to skip to the concluding 'Oaths' and backtrack as you like, it's a pretty long article but all the lessons I've learnt come out of personal experience and thus that's how I've presented them. Reading them might help you better identify the pitfalls in your own journey.

If only common sense was common practice! as often in life (at least for me) the best lessons are those learnt the hard way. But if you can learn without spending months in vein, all the better ;D

Would love to hear any feedback you have or any similar pitfalls you've into! Happy (product validation) hacking!

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