SEO September 16, 2020

14k monthly visitors for a pet project: full stats, how niche landing pages helped

Dmitriy Borodiy @DmitryBorody

Sharing a SEO story of, how it got to 14k monthly visitors and still growing with pure SEO (I did nothing to promote it):

You'll find:

  • full stats on how long it took to index, first views and growth dynamics
  • how specialized niche pages were the key to growth

I think other makers would find it helpful to adjust their expectations with "just put it out there and hope people will find it" approach to launching.

Disclaimer: This is my first-time experience with SEO, I'm no expert.

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    Hi @DmitryBorody,

    awesome stats! I bet they would be a lot better if Google Analytics tracked all visits instead of doing sampling. I am using both Google Analytics and Matomo and despite I don't have much traffic yet I already see quite a difference in the stats.

    1. 2

      Thanks for the pointer – Matomo looks interesting!

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