15+ Top Design Communities to join

I'm building https://www.unita.co/, a directory of communities, and discovered that lots of designers are looking for new sources of inspiration. That's why I made a list of the best communities and resources to inspire your everyday work.

If you want to see more information about each one, like amount of members, founders, meetings, main benefits, detailed pricing, and more, you can check it here.

  • Stark: a free online community for designers and developers. Members share a common purpose: to exchange knowledge and create accessible UX projects together.
  • WebWide: an online discussion forum for web designers. You can find inspiration by looking at others’ projects and requesting help to improve your creations. You can join the Discord group by paying a monthly subscription fee of $3.
  • Content + UX: this free Slack community created for UX designers has the mission to help creatives grow in their careers. By facilitating advice and feedback from the community, it’s a space that surely can help you improve your content strategy and design skills.
  • Creative Huddle: it’s a free inclusive community running on Slack that gathers creatives from all backgrounds and expertise levels. You can join to connect and network with other industry fields.

Communities with local chapters:

  • San Diego Digital Designers: the local design community of San Diego designers host in-person meetups and stay engaged in a free Slack group. They offer several spaces to connect, meet new people, and find peer support.
  • Design X: with local chapters across Canada, the US, and Europe they offer a space to meet and connect with design folks. The virtual community runs in Slack and has 5,000+ active members. Everyone is welcome to join their Slack for free.
  • Dribbble: it’s a network where you can find creatives’ portfolios, but there’s also a community running behind. Therefore Dribbble has made it easier to connect with the designers you love through local meetups and community events.

Design communities with events:

  • Design Leaders: they host monthly events where you can participate in workshops, explore creative processes, and learn from industry experts in talks.
  • Service Design Club: in an annual global event, they organize teams of members who spend 3 days working on a prototype together. It’s a great opportunity to explore your creativity and ideate new projects in a Spanish-speaking design community. Besides, there's a Discord community where you can join for free.
  • GrowthDesigners: in Q&A sessions, they offer assistance for your specific questions. Participants get to improve their problem-solving skills and learn in community. They also have a Slack group where everyone is welcome to join for free.
  • Designer Hangout: they host regular events to discuss the future of design professionals and to improve the creative process. Therefore, you can find inspiration coming from expert designers leading events and Q&A sessions. It's a free community, but to join and participate in the Slack group you need to follow an admission process.

Design communities with learning programs to boost your creativity:

  • KreativePro design foundation courses: with study resources and new monthly material, the learning programs are a good source of inspiration. As a member, you can learn in a design community to improve your work leveraging your peers’ perspectives. You can join by paying a once-in-a-lifetime fee of $99.99.
  • Design Buddies: they host workshops and case studies to help you uplevel your skills and build an outstanding portfolio. Participants gain access to experts advice who review their portfolio and help them reach more job opportunities. You can join the Discord server for free.
  • On Deck design fellowship: apply to be part of a design community of industry leaders, and accelerate your career with a schedule of modules designed to skyrocket your work.
  • Interaction Design Foundation for UX learners: it’s a design school focused on offering high-quality education and networking opportunities. Their certificates are industry-recognized and they offer a wide range of programs including bootcamps, masterclasses, career advice, and coaching at affordable prices. To join, members must pay a yearly fee of is $132.

Reviews and more communities:

Are already a member of any of the above? It would be great if you can leave a review here.

And if you want to search other category of communities, go to https://www.unita.co/, any feedback will be welcome.

Tell me if there is another Design to include on the list :)

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