Looking to Partner Up April 8, 2020

15+ years of coding experience


Looking for new challenges. I can offer a lot of experience and knowledge in return. I've done many backend projects and have been using cloud a lot for the past 5 years.

Also working on IoT projects and did work on and develop both software side of IoT hardware as well as hardware (PCB) and cloud backend.

Give me a shout if you think I can help you solve issues or if you just want to say hi :)

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    would u mind if I ask u to send an email to me as well. email is in my profile. I would love to discuss some opportunities to work together.

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    Neat, thanks! Please take a look my post through my profile and let me know if interest. Thanks.

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      can you send me email, you don't have any means of contact on your profile

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    Hi! Email me! I'd love some advice from a pro.

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    Ping me. Email in my profile

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    Hey man
    What's your Skype?

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      skype does not work well here, can do whatsup or email :)

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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