Daily Stand-up March 31, 2020

150 Daily Active Users (Thanks to Indie Hackers community)


I just launched http://remotemonk.com three days ago and I have hit my first goal of getting to 150 DAUs. A big thanks to Indie Hackers community who has taken time to give some awesome feedback.

I made a mistake with the Product Hunt launch as I just posted it at the end of the day and it kind of didn't get the attention. But I am happy with the response so far.

The next goal is 1000 daily active users. I will keep you all posted.

Much love :)

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    Very cool and good luck!
    What platform did you build it on?

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      I have built it on PHP for backend and HTML, CSS for the front end. Used JS for some additional functionality.

      My goal was to get something together fast than worrying about the stack especially because I learnt to code just to make this product.

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        Very cool!
        And great work for a first-timer!
        Can I ask why you didn't go down the No-Code route?

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          I feel No-code doesn't give you the freedom you get with regular programming languages. You can literally do wonders if you know how to code yourself and you limit your options when you choose to use No-code as it would need a lot patchwork even for basic features.

          A lot of people might choose no-code at the convenience of launching fast but I guess it would be a long term investment if someone chooses to code it from the ground up :)

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            Really cool!
            My PHP is rusty but if you need any advice on how to move forward, feel free to reach out.
            If you'd like to have a quick 30-min meeting, feel free to book me (free of course) https://calendly.com/jonathanoron