19yo here and I think I'm finally ready to be an indie hacker. Is anyone willing to guide me/mentor me?

Hey indie hackers, been here as a lurker since 2020 and I must say you guys are truly inspiring and I thought this might be the right place to post about it.

Let me give you some background first: 👇
I'm 19, live in a third world country, where industries are not so mature and it would be waste of time trying to build something in this market.
IT in my country is still viewed as a liability instead of a tool to simplify the business process, and the market is already oversaturated even in the small market. So, I want to make something targeting a larger market that is willing to pay.

What I know from years of lurking is that business is about solving others' problems and getting paid for them, it's a win-win situation.
So I need anyone to guide me in my journey, about how to identify customers' pain points online(idea generation) and validating the idea. And some marketing.

I won't take much of your time, just some guidance will be enough.

More about me:
💻 Tech stack and technologies I know: MERN, Django and learning continuously 📚
🗺 Where I live: South East Asia
🎓 Education: Currently enrolled in a CS degree
🏭 Industries Interested: SAAS, IT Outsourcing(cost of living in my place is low and there are lots of talents out here I want to utilise this privilege too.) and anything related to IT.
😄 What do I have?: A lot of time🕕 and energy⚡ and passion for doing something new.

Thanks for the read!👐
Happy hacking!🎉

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    Hi slothonsteroid - I'm a professional CTO and indie hacker of 20 years. Please contact me via the link in my profile: I have a small list of ideas I'd be happy to share with you.

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      Hey maxk42 sure, I have mailed you.

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    We will welcome you to the community. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter as well.

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      Hey sure! drop your twitter handle please.

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    Hi @slothonsteroid, do reach out to me via Twitter or DM if you need any help.

    I curates and summarised growth strategies at GrowthHunt.co so feel free to check out my site to understand how to market your future product as an Indie Hacker.

    Cheers and all the best!

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    Hi and welcome to IH 👋. The #1 thing is to never stop doing. You're welcome to join our community of makers helping fellow makers -- check out my profile.

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    All the best mate. Hope you will do amazing things.

    You Gen Z are awesome. I didn't know much when I was 19. 😄 I am not baby boomer...Still there are lot of things to explore. 🚀
    P.s. I am not maker. Still you can connect with on Twitter. 🙌

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      Thanks man😁. Sure would love to connect.

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