👋 All, just updated our landing page at nextstephq.com/

👋 All, just updated our landing page at http://nextstephq.com/

I would love to get feedback and more importantly if you could share what you understand from it? What is the problem we are solving and what is our solution.


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    hey, awesome idea, cool landing page.

    I think there's something missing. If you notice the best landing pages have a header which piques your interest (which you do perfectly) but then they have a sub-header which actually explains the header like drift.com, continual.ly or deprocrastination.co. I have to read through a few of your text blocks to get the same information.

    From what I understand, you're personalising hint's to help increase conversions.

    I presume the best way to build this is to cluster customer's by behaviour using A.I. and then automatically substitute in the highest performing pre-built text/images for that customer. This is exactly what Netflix's recommendation algorithm does with the picture on the movie covers.

    It does however look like you don't make this process automatic, it looks like you make the company test and track it themselves which I kinda feel like isn't needed.

    Also, look at what Qubit.com do because I think the idea is fairly similar?

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      Thanks for the valuable feedback. I will relook at the messaging.

      A little like Qubit, but a whole different TG

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