Money March 15, 2020

1kProjects is rebranding as IndieMaker

Stefan Von Imhof @stefanvonimhof

Just saw that has rebranded as

It's good to see this rebrand. The name didn't make sense as they started to move upmarket, and the prior site had some really odd persisting bugs.

As an avid buyer, flipper, and holder of micro-businesses, I've enjoyed watching these guys evolve over the past year.

I've recently bought two projects through the site:

Now, there aren't nearly as many listings for sale as there are on or Empire Flippers, and some of the prices are outrageous given a total lack of MRR. It also seems like their sell-through rate is quite low compared to the big boys - which is likely a function of their traffic. Flippa is still your best bet if you want to reach the biggest audience of buyers, but it can admittedly be difficult to cut through the noise (and believe me, I am working on fixing that.)

But I find a disproportionate number of assets people are selling on 1KProjects, errr, IndieMaker, to be rather interesting/unique. And frankly, that's what I look for when buying micro-businesses.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this space. I know this area well.

Cheers from Down Under

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    I preferred 1KProjects... Also new site is terrible on mobile

    1. 2

      Oh man you aren’t kidding.

  2. 3

    If you ask me, the new name is not really better for a marketplace 🤷‍♂️

    1. 2

      It certainly favors the sell-side of the marketplace vs the buy-side. Still, 1KProjects was quite limiting.

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    Having the word "maker" in the title is an instant turn off for me. I'm not sure why, but I associate it with low effort throw-away side projects.

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      Interesting. I happen to love the word "maker", haha. And it's kind of trendy, right? There are some quality projects on there.

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    Wow, the site feels so busy now compared to when I last visited - managed to sell a joint project on 1kprojects a few months back mind, so kudos to them for enabling that.