April 21, 2019

1minute video hosting for thousands of users?


Hi everyone, I need to save short videos from my app, that the users post. Each user has only one 1 min max video. What is the best hosting for this?


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    lots of cloud providers out there, some already mentioned:

    • AWS S3
    • Google cloud storage
    • Microsoft azure blob storage

    all major cloud services come with video players and services for optimal playing and encoding as well. for a longer term solution this is probably a good option. for short term you can be looking at firebase or others.

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    Checkout firebase's storage project, it's pretty easy to get started with a lot of frameworks.

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    Youtube, AWS S3 or Cloudinary

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    I'd recommend you check out AWS's S3 service

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    Uploadcare has a really nice flow for recording, uploading and serving video. The downside is the price - their storage costs are 10x AWS S3!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      the users upload it inside a bot and I need to show it inside a bot, so not sure youtube is an option

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