Money March 25, 2020

$2,328 - my best month of revenue so far

Pete Codes @petecodes

So I am aiming to get to $10k a month by end of November - I can get back on the podcast for another episode that way 😀

February was my best month to date with $2,328 ( a little improvement on my previous peak of $2,117 in December)

Things that paid off were getting sponsorship from a bootcamp, having two new newsletter sponsors reach out to me and getting over $400 in affiliate income.

I added some more info on my blog if you want to check that out.

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    Well done on the affiliate income.

    I'm looking to reach out to people with newsletters and blogs about an affiliate with my product. What would be the best way to do it?

    I have tried in the past and got 0 response or they have said we only do sponsorships.

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      hey, thanks!

      I'd look for people that have an audience where your product is really relevant. So for instance some people I've partnered with are coding course creators. So I'd have a think about who your target market is and which newsletters can reach them.

      Also, as an indie publisher of course I can say that we are usually a bit resistant to affiliate deals if we don't earn much per sale. I've had people offer me affiliates where I might earn $5 per deal which isn't very enticing. The courses, on the other hand might pay me $40 per transaction.

      What is your product?

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        Makes sense.

        A lot of our new customers are on the startup plan which is $29 a month so at 30% affiliate that is $10 a month $120 a year. We also had a few annual contracts so that would be a larger upfront payment.

        The payments are for lifetime and recurring revenue.

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    Congrats! Getting to $2k+ is a significant milestone :-)

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    Very happy for you. Keep going, Pete!

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    Congrats. I'm hoping to make profit from a HTML5 IO game I'm working on through ads / a dating site through subscriptions (React). These projects take a long time however, and there's no guarantee they'll work. You make all that from a blog? Seems like I need to do whatever you're doing

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      It's been a lot of work. Like 8 months. I wouldn't blog unless it's something you really want to do as it's a long game.

      What sort of ads are you thinking?

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