20 Quick Tips learned from a lot of A/B testing! And giving some more in the comments.

Hey guys!

We are getting a good amount of landings doing A/B testing with our tool ABtesting.ai.

If you leave your landing in the comment, I will give a personalized quick tip :)

I've made a small list for you to get some valueable tips :)

  1. Having contrast on your call to action increases conversions.
    -- We had a case of a 40% increase in a call to action from purple to orange.

  2. Generic and boring CTA's like "Sign Up" won't get you the best conversion rate. Try "Sign Up, It's Free".
    -- We increased conversions 20% with 95% confidence with that little tweak. 📈

  3. According to copyblogger.com, 80% of your visitors will only read your headline. Make sure it's perfect it converts!.

  4. Don't just ask your user to just plain old "subscribe here", prompt them to "become an insider". Don't be generic. 👑

  5. Don't go crazy talking about your features on your landing page, focus on the benefits those features can provide.

  6. Test colors on your Call To Action: Red for urgency, Green to imply "Go!", and orange to empower the user.

  7. The best copy's come from the best insights. Learn about your customer.

  8. Red on call to actions creates an emotion of urgency (great for limited-time sales and discounts).

  9. Color Psychology: Black is expensive, luxurious and for the wealthy. As it turns out, black sedans are more luxurious than blue sedans only for their color.

  10. Always have a clear unique selling proposition. Think about what makes your brand/product unique.

  11. Be straightforward: If you can say it in 10 words, don’t take 20. 🕛

  12. Try numbers in headlines: 81 tips on A/B testing vs. Lots of A/B Tips - Which one sounds better?

  13. Surprise the attention of your audience with facts. “The top 10% of websites convert at 11.45% or higher” - Are you there dear IH?

  14. The “about” page of your site needs to be one where you showcase your personality more than anywhere else.

  15. Copywriting tip: Use "you, free, instantly, because, and new". According to copyblogger.com, those are the top 5 persuasive words in english.

  16. Think about a hypothesis when you are about to do an A/B test, and try it out. Don’t A/B test just because it is cool. For example: “Users are more interested in X features rather than Y ”. 🥼

  17. Example: Obama did a simple A/B test that made the Conversion Rate from a campaign donation site go up from 8.26% to 11.6%. That improvement made him 60 Million USD! 💵

  18. Use “add to cart” — not “buy/purchase” now. Since “buy now” denotes more of a commitment, viewers are less likely to click. (Depends on the site!)

  19. Everyone likes some humor. Don’t be afraid to play with it in your copy, it doesn’t bite.

  20. Leave me your landing in the comments and I will give you one personalized tip to try out :). 💡

Cheers everyone!

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    Great insights and tips here @gonzamordecki14. Thanks for sharing my man!

  2. 1

    Hi Gonzalo, Thanks for the ideas. I'd love a tip for Ideaeconomy.net.

    1. 1

      I don't believe your value proposition is clear enough.

      When I first read: "Build your Audience. Grow Your Business" I thought it would be a tool to do something with my audience.

      Why not try something like "Find daily inspiration to grow your business"?

      And then explain the value of your newsletter.

      You can easily test that for free with ABtesting.ai :)

      1. 1

        Thanks Gonzalo!

        How is this?

        A daily email of today’s best startup and marketing content. I screen more than 100 blogs and podcasts so you don’t have to.

        Thanks for the AB testing link!

        1. 1

          A daily email about top Start-Ups and marketing content. More than 100 blogs and podcasts curated straight to your inbox!

          There's another option that I like a little bit more!

          You are welcome!

          ABtesting.ai is mine, so feel free to use it and ask whatever you need :)

          1. 1

            Brilliant! Thank you.

            This post will be added to my newsletter tomorrow.

            1. 1


              Have you already sent it?

              Please add https://abtesting.ai!

              1. 1

                Yes, it went out this morning.

                Thanks again for your help!

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    Great insights @gonzamordecki14. 👍

    I would appreciate a personalized tip for https://www.exportdata.io 🤗

    1. 1

      What is your conversion rate?

      Your landing seems great!

      1. 1

        Thanks. The conversion rate (registrations) for this particular landing page during the last 30 days is around 32%.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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      It was just to test if the readers were paying attention :)

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