Self Care April 7, 2020

200+ Free and Awesome Mental Health Resources


Without question, the last few weeks have created an extraordinary amount of challenges that are gripping our economy, critical infrastructure, educational system, and way of life.

Based on some ongoing conversations with family/friends, adventures into the bowels of Reddit, and the constant battering of news (and misinformation), a common pattern emerged: The stress and unknown circumstances of current events is taking an extreme toll on all our mental wellbeing.

The best way out is always through. - Robert Frost

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    You should look at Healthygamergg ( It's focused on gamers but the content is amazing.

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    This list is very humbling, especially for someone who's working on a product that's supposed to help with managing stress and anxiety. I'd love to connect with you about what works and what doesn't and how we can help more people.

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      Always happy to connect and learn more about what you're building. Being able to impact more people is definitely my goal. Since I come from a technical background, my approach is usually strongly focused on leveraging technology in new ways to help solve really, really hard problems.

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        Sounds like we have similar background. Lets chat! Can you find a slot that works for you on my calendar?

        (Sorry if it sounds pompous, it's just way easier than the back and forth trying to get on a call).

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    I think bolding the best articles would definitely help. In an age of information overload looking through 200 links can be mentally taxing already ;-)

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      Thank you for the feedback! That is a fair point. This list was not designed to be a silver bullet but rather a jumping point to see/assess what people are looking for and how we can meet those needs. I have a few strategies swirling in my head about how to make this list more personalized :)

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    Great share, is this yours, or someone else's?

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      Of course. Yes, I created it. Definitely open to all feedback.