July 17, 2020

(2015 Tedx) The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross


Interesting 2015 Tedx study by Bill Gross on over 200 startups and what key factor(s) seemed to be why they succeeded.

The answer? 42% Timing > 32% Team/Execution/Adaptability > 28% Idea 'Truth" Outlier>24% Biz Model>14% Funding. My startup seems to hit all of these in a similar order, especially with timing arguably being at the top.

However, I'd love to hear what others think of this data? Being the video is from 2015, have things changed, and if so - how much?

Or, does timing still seem to be the most beneficial?

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    I've seen that video before multiple times, I think he has a lot right in that. There are so many examples of fails that are timing related and many that got a high boost due to a timed event. Also just think about a lifecycle of a business, they are all limited time value producers until they become irrelevant...
    The overnight success/perfect timing due usually worked on it for a while before and/or it's not his first 🤷.
    It's easy to take a good business of today, try to put it 10-30 years back before it started and see why it wouldn't have worked. (Something it's only a year or a several months that can kill it, but things don't usually move that fast)

    The next about the right people, well, some real life lessons that hurt would have you checking that off in no time flat 😉