2020 in Emails is live on ProductHunt! 📧

Since joining the amazing team at Email Meter, I've participated in three ProductHunt launches. Well... we love to build cool side-projects!

To start 2021 on the right foot, we've created an email annual report that lets you see different metrics and statistics about your email usage during the last year.

The report is safe and secure: it only accesses your email metadata (no body or attachments), which is always encrypted and never leaves the Google Cloud.

You can use it to reflect on what you accomplished over a tumultuous year, and learn what you can improve to achieve a healthier and more productive 2021.

We started the campaign yesterday, and the results have been great so far:

  • 4000 of our existing users have viewed their Annual Report.
  • We've received 1200 new sign-ups.

And today we're launching on ProductHunt!. It's our first time launching without a Hunter, so I'm able to answer questions regarding that.

I'd love for you to check it out! 😊 Looking forward to your feedback.


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