22 learnings from a 22-year-old girl building a business

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    Thanks for sharing this @Teodora! I found the second point particularly very resonating with me because that was one of the reasons I began building my product ruttl.

    I have to admit that you've put in great effort to make this post valuable. I highly recommend any person reading my comment to check out her thread!

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      Thank you @harshvijay! Glad you liked it! I wanted to make it as useful as possible so people can learn and be motivated to keep working :)

      An yeah, the second point was crucial in my growth this year.

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    Congratulations, Teodora, and happy birthday! I hope this year is exciting and fulfilling for you. :) And from one girl who started her first business before she turned twenty to another, we're duckin' awesome. Go forth and follow your dreams! Have a fantastic day! :D

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      Thank you so much! These words are really inspiring! :)

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    @Teodora Thank you so much for sharing this post! I really admire people like you who go out of their way to give out value for the society! I think you might be able to inspire a lot of people :) I am co-building a community called Valency.

    I would be happy if you decide to join the community in such an initial phase of building. Let me know if you're interested! If yes, just shoot me a connect on linkedin at this link and I can get you onboarded!


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      Thank you! Glad you find it useful.

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    Nice article on twitter color theory. Just one suggestion, on your blog you have analyzed each twitter profile and highlighted their profile with a white square. If you could post full profile picture of each user, then the details will be much more noticeable.

    Great work keep it up.

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      Thank you! I've taken notes of this feedback before and when I will be updating the post I will make that change. Instead, in my book (https://gum.co/hkVRI) there is whole page for every profile.

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    Nice tips. There's just one issue I always have with "22 things" lists: I remember none of it.

    In my opinion, it's way more interesting and helpful to dive deep into one single topic at a time.

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      Thank you! Yeah, each of them have interesting things to write about. But today I just wanted to do a compilation of all of them cause my birthday.

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