3 Cold email quick wins to book more meetings and sales in 2020

Hey everyone!

A few times per week I post cold email tips on LinkedIn. In this post I've rounded up the last three.

Hope you'll find them useful!


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    Given that each email client has a different number of characters for the preview, how many do you shoot for? And how has this affected your open rate?

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      Hey! Sorry I didn't catch this one earlier..

      Tbh I only optimize for Gmail + Outlook because those are the main ones. I usually just send my emails to myself and then preview on a couple of devices.

      I sometimes write previews in a Google Sheet where I've set conditional formatting to turn the cell red if I go over a certain amount, or just type the preview in www.wordcounter.com.

      Hope that helps! :)

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          One more thing if you don't mind. I'd love to use this (and cite/link you) for IH's Growth Bites series but I'm wondering — did you see an increase in your open rate (or any other metrics) when you started counting characters, and if so how much? Thanks!

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